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Hello world

I’ve created this new blog using the platform Jekyll now and the Cheatsheet Markdown syntax.

The points:

  1. It is designed for static pages, no more databases, stupid code or extra complexity. I just want a blog site!!
  2. I can use GIT to manage the files, that is really cool! I can use any text editor (currently using VIM) and write plain text! In addition I have the advantages of using a SCM.
  3. I can host it on GitHub, so no need of more dummy HTTP servers!

It looks like the final solution according my needs (the only pain is that the server side uses Ruby, but as I’m using GitHub it does not matter at all). Let’s see if I’m able to maintain the blog updated from now on.

The idea of this site is to provide a few stories related with my computer stuff experience. Not sure if it will be useful for anyone, but let’s hope it!

One, two, three. Jumping!

Written on May 1, 2015