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Brushstrokes about me

  • GNU/Linux expert
  • Networking expert
  • Hacker and free culture lover
  • Crypto-Anarchist and BitCoin lover
  • Python, Lua and C are my logic languages
  • Arduino and electronics enthusiast
  • I like tools and technology, in general
  • Activist and life’s lover
  • I like to give talks, discuss, learn and help people to understand things
  • Hater of Faceb00k, Whats4pp, Twitt3r, 1nstagram and more…

About the academia

I amb a computer Enginyer graduated on 2011 in the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC). In addition on 2014 I finished a Master focused on Free Software in the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

After studying in the Academia for about 9 years, I must say it is not worth at all. The best way to learn and understand how the computers work is by hacking them. Just open the machine and try to fix it once it stops working (or even before!). Just use the World Wide Web to read and learn about the topics you are interested on. Just participate in some free sofware projects to get knowladge from others.

Be a self-taught person my friend, no one but you can understand things for you.

About my jobs

I started working at the 19 years old (while studying) on a software company. As I love the free software movement and GNU/Linux as its main representation, I quickly became a junior systems administrator performing the senior’s work.

Until the age of 25 I worked in several private companies, all of them related with GNU/Linux.

At the age of 25 (when I finished my degree) I jumped into the University research world. In addition to the free software I also love the free networks movement. So I got very involved in the Guifi.net project. Thanks to this fact I was able to participate in a research funded by the European Comission.

After three years working in the University, I’m now officialy uneployed (ouh yeah!), so I devote the time to my own projects. Among the computer stuff I also spend the day maintaining my garden and taking care of my chickens.

My projects

I am a BitCoin and crypto-anarchist lover. I really think the block-chain concept will became something very important soon.

  • I developed and manage an altcoin smart minig pool named magicpool (now it is closed)
  • I made my own version of the stratum-proxy for magicpool
  • I developed from scratch a new concept proxy named stratum-relay for gawminers

I participate in the free/commons network movement

I am one of the main developers of three projects related with Wireless Mesh networking.

I participate in the OpenWRT project as contributor

I also developed a proof-of-concept DNS service which blocks ADS

And some others that I will add soon ;)